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‘Revisiting the Ceiling’ (2015)

The latest CD is a double CD set, mixed, mastered and manufactured in 2015 - the project finally completed!
Twenty four tracks in all, each CD with a running time of some 64mins each!

The artwork is based around an original piece by Bowes-based artist Duncan Storr - him being a fan of Luigi since he first saw them while studying art in York in 1977 and a proud owner of one of their original vinyl LPs!

Recorded at Long Fox Studios, Leeds
Engineered, Mixed & Produced
by Geoff & Duncan
Mastered at Clipstore, Leeds by Tony Bonner

The band has placed some pre-mastered early mixes on Reverb nation so you can get a sneak preview by visiting....
These will be replaced (as and when time allows) by proper Mastered versions.

‘Revisiting the Ceiling’ (2015) - Running order of the double CD set…

CD 1 ‘Rebuilding the Ceiling’

  1. Test it & Tell (Suck it & See)
  2. Turn & Walk Away
  3. Sherlock in Your Homes
  4. Too Much To Lose
  5. Feeling the Ceiling
  6. The End of Summer Cold
  7. The Last Supper
  8. Horror Suite
  9. Jigalo
  10. J’ Accuse

CD 2 ‘Following the Ceiling’

  1. You’re Sinking (When Drinking)
  2. Long Dark Road
  3. King of Your World
  4. Joe, Lost
  5. Glass Bottle
  6. Darkness & the Light
  7. A Sneaky Song
  8. Grip the Nap
  9. Where Are You Now?
  10. Knight to B3
  11. Methanol in His Madness
  12. Best Left...
  13. Can’t Keep Still
  14. All the Way to Cathay

‘Feeling the Ceiling’ a digital re-master of our debut LP which was recorded at Petal Studios, Leeds and released on vinyl in 1978. The CD version was first released in 2001

All eight of the original tracks are on it...

Duncan wrote & arranged all Luigi’s material, though Geoff’s riff which became the opening of ‘Suck it & See’ was absorbed into that piece.

Luigi effectively dissolved as a twin-lead, harmony-guitar band (Dunc’s original ethos & concept) at the end of 1979 leaving a wealth of material unrecorded. Around 2001 Duncan first digitised this album and released it in CD format.

‘Feeling the Ceiling‘
Running order of original vinyl LP (1978) & CD release (2001)

  1. Horror Suite
  2. Turn & Walk Away
  3. Jigalo
  4. The End of Summer Cold
  5. Suck it & See
  6. The Last Supper
  7. Feeling the Ceiling
  8. J’Accuse

‘Nearing the Ceiling’ (2012)

Geoff & Dunc decided to re-record every note (and more!) of the original album from scratch in 2012 in Dunc’s home studio ‘Long Fox Studios’ though health issues meant this became a longer drawn-out process than was intended! The idea was to restore some of the track lengths that had been compromised back in 1978 (due to the limited time one could fit on a standard LP record!). Tracks like ‘Last Supper’ had been severely truncated for the vinyl LP - so it’s missing slow section was re-installed. Likewise, ‘J’ Accuse’ - which had to fade out on the LP) now could be recorded in full, with its proper ending!

This was also their opportunity to record for the very first time all the material that Luigi had back when the choice was made which to put on the original album and which couldn’t be accommodated. Then there was all the material Dunc wrote for Luigi after the point the album had been recorded - the boys could now crack on and get all that done too!

So now came the realisation that there was too much for one mere CD!

The pair decided to make it a double CD set...

...But by the time the advertised ‘come-back’ gig was due on November 23rd 2012, they’d only completed eleven of the intended twenty-four tracks - so a hastily mastered interim CD went on sale that night, with the promise that anyone buying one of the ‘numbered’ special edition (only 100 were made) would receive a ‘free’ double CD on its completion. ‘Nearing the Ceiling’ then, has the following newly recorded versions of a mixture of the original album tracks interspersed with the other material referred to above.

These tracks were released as ‘un-mastered’ versions and have now bee superseded by the completed fully mastered versions on the double CD set ‘Revisiting the Ceiling’ – though we will supply one, should you want one to complete your collection. Just email us and ask…

‘Nearing the Ceiling‘ (2012) Running order…

  1. Test it & Tell (Suck it & See)
  2. Methanol in His Madness
  3. Long Dark Road
  4. Feeling the Ceiling
  5. Too Much To Lose
  6. Sinking While Drinking
  7. The End of Summer Cold
  8. Night to be Free
  9. A Sneaky Song
  10. Where Are You Now?
  11. Horror Suite